• What are Waist Beads?


A: Waist Beads are just like necklaces or bracelets, except they’re worn around the waist or just above the hips. In some cultures, they are a symbol of a woman’s confidence in her body and her sexuality.

Commonly referred to as belly beads, beaded waist chains, and waistbands, they are made with both traditional and modern bead types strung together on various materials.


  • What is the point of wearing Waist Beads? 



A: There is so much beauty and history behind waist beads. They are more than mere shapes, colors, and sizes. Each string of beads holds traditions, values, and customs that promote womanhood. Check out our About and History sections to read more about the rich history of waist beads and why they are significant.



  • Do I have to be African to wear waist beads?



A: No ma’am! You do not have to be African to wear waist beads, nor do you have to wear waist beads for its traditional purposes.

We want to celebrate the historical culture of African waist beads while giving a greater audience the chance to learn about its origins, adopt this form of body adornment, and make it their own!

We put our own modern spin on waistbeads and invite you to wear them either for traditional reasons or simply for fashion. Make a statement by accessorizing your look with this unique form of jewelry – Waist Beads look great in a pool setting, at the beach with your bikini, or with your favorite crop tops. They also feel intimate and sexy when worn only in private underneath your clothes or for your significant other.



  • How do I measure myself for Waistbeads?











  • What materials do you use in your Waist beads?







  • Are your waistbeads permanent or removable?



  • Where can I get my custom waistbeads!?


A: Depending on how you want to wear your waistbeads, you can measure yourself above your navel, just at your navel, or right above your hips.

Use a tape measure and measure against your bare skin; DON’T suck in your stomach! If you do not have a tape measure, you may improvise with some string and a ruler.

Think about where you want to wear the beads. With a bikini, draped just above your bikini bottoms? With a crop top, sitting above your pants? Choose your size accordingly.

If you want your beads to be versatile, you can request a chain on your waistbeads to make its size adjustable. That way, you can wear them however you like, and feel free to switch your style up.

Click here for printable measuring tape and more tips on how to properly measure yourself.


A: Our belly beads and other jewels are made with colorful glass beads, symbolic gemstones, durable chain, and high quality wire for long lasting luxurious adornments. We use sterling silver lobster clasps for our silver-toned sets and gold plated lobster clasps to close our gold-toned sets.

We use Czech glass sead beads, African trade beads, Japanese Miyuki beads, and various other high quality beads (details with each specific style). 




A: Removable. For versatility purposes, We make our waistbeads so that you can put them on and take them off whenever you like without damaging them, and switch out your styles as your outfits change.


A: Right here in our Waistbeads Boutique! Happy shopping queens! =)