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Luxury-Quality Handcrafted Waistbeads - Adornments for the Waist

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The Simplicity & Sparkle Sale

New to waistbeads? Get a custom-fit, beautifully designed single strand starting at just $10. Ask us for your introductory coupon code.

Our colorful mixes are light, fun, eye-catching and pretty.  Our solid strands are simple but lovely every day staple pieces.  Our translucent single-color strands are elegant and delightful. Wear one by itself or paired up with our broad range of complementing colors. 

Don't see your favorite color combination? Choose your own (we have hundreds of hues). 

And look, they're on sale!


For unique women of all ages, sizes, and colors

Royal Waistbeads puts a modern touch on an age old tradition. We create custom-fit adornments for one of the best parts of a woman's body: her hips.

Our wearable art evokes feelings of luxury, sensuality, and empowerment. Handcrafted with quality and a keen eye for detail in each piece, our selection is the top choice for chic, one of a kind belly beads.

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