Balancing OM Yoga Waist Beads - Seven Chakras with Healing Stones

Balancing OM Yoga Waist Beads - Seven Chakras with Healing Stones

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These Seven Chakra Balancing OM Waistbeads are made with small crystal clear seed beads and then beautifully filled with real gemstone chips to correspond to the 7 Chakra power points that circulate energy in the human body.

Chakra represents the center of spiritual power in your body. Balancing the Chakra are important for good physical and mental health as well as spiritual development. Each of the seven stones in these waistbeads is used with one of the seven Chakra points for healing purposes and to revitalize and balance the Chakra points. As “Chakra” is used in Yoga practice, these waistbeads are also adorned with the OM symbol.

The Garnet crystals (red) correspond to the Base or Root Chakra.
The Carnelian crystals (orange) correspond to the Sacral Chakra.
The Citrine crystals (yellow) correspond to the Solar Plexus Chakra.
The Malachite stones (green) correspond to the Heart Chakra.
The Blue Aventurine crystals (blue) correspond to the Throat Chakra.
The Lapis Lazuli stones (indigo) correspond to the Brow Chakra.
The Amethyst crystals (violet) correspond to the Crown Chakra.

This set is secured using high quality beading wire for strength and durability and is finished with a sterling silver clasp.


Coordinating strand shown in the last photo can be added as a set for an additional charge (contact us).

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