Anguilla Amethyst - White and Purple Waistbeads

Anguilla Amethyst - White and Purple Waistbeads

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Anguilla Amethyst waistbeads feature real amethyst gemstone chips and round beads, along with pretty freshwater pearls. 

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace. Amethyst symbolizes sober thinking and protection from poison. It was used by ancient Egyptians to guard against guilty feelings and self-deception, and by spiritual leaders to promote humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom. It's also believed to be a dream stone. It's used in meditation and healing, and it is identified as a power stone, a protection stone, as well as a wisdom stone. 

Amethyst is February's official birthstone and known to symbolize the Age of the Aquarius. 

Freshwater pearl enables one to accept love. It boosts the essence of feminitity and allows the wearer to see the good parts of herself, making self-acceptance and exuding love easy. 

These waistbeads are secured using high quality beading wire for strength and durability and finished with a sterling silver clasp set.

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*Anguilla Amethyst is safe to shower in*

This strand can be worn under your clothes to enhance your personal sense of beauty and femininity, slightly exposed when paired with low-waist pants or cropped tops, over your clothes like a belt or draped ornament, or fully exposed with a bathing suit at the beach or in a swimming pool setting. 

Some queens like to adorn their upper midsection and wear their belly beads above the belly button, while others prefer to position their beads just above their hips below the navel. Each waistbead can also double as a beautiful necklace. Feel free to own your look as you please and occasionally switch the style up! 


All waistbeads are one-of-a-kind custom made to fit your specified waist size. Please select your waist measurement reflecting where your want your waistbeads to hang.
If you do not see your waist size listed, please choose the nearest size and indicate your exact size in a note when ordering. Larger and smaller sizes are available.

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