Baby Grand Piano - Double Strand Waistbeads

Baby Grand Piano - Double Strand Waistbeads

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Baby Grand Piano is a set of two coordinating black and white waistbeads.  Each strand is secured on its own clasp so you have the option of wearing one at a time or both of them together.

Each strand is secured using high quality beading wire for strength and durability and is finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

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*Safe for showering in*

Waistbeads are a special form of jewelry that symbolizes femininity, dating back centuries among many African tribes. Mothers would adorn their young girls with waist beads to help shape their body, gifting them with more throughout life to celebrate growth and milestones. Women wore them in private to seduce their husbands, and beaded them with certain scents, colors, and gemstones to take on various symbolic meanings (healing energy, fertility, strength, etc).

We've taken a modern spin on this beautiful tradition, and we encourage women of all sizes to embrace their womanhood by wearing waistbeads. They serve as a great reminder to mind your midsection and workout goals, and they help you keep track of any changes in your waist size. When made with gemstones, waistbeads can also aid with keeping you balanced and centered.

Waistbeads can be shown off in a swimming pool/beach setting and with crop tops, or they can be kept hidden for only your significant other's eyes. I wear my waistbeads year round, simply because I feel more in touch with my femininity when adorned, and I love to switch my styles up!

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