Tutti Frutti - Triple Strand Waist Beads

Tutti Frutti - Triple Strand Waist Beads

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"Tutti Frutti" is a delicious variation of the popular "Ocean Boulevard" style waistbeads. The black and white surprise section framing the sterling silver clasp holding together the three strands amplifies this red, orange and yellow variation of the three-strand stand-out. Sterling silver round beads section the color blocking and add a center focal point.

This set is secured using high quality beading wire for strength and durability and is finished with a sterling silver clasp set.

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This strand can be worn under your clothes to enhance your personal sense of beauty and femininity, slightly exposed when paired with low-waist pants or shorty tops, over your clothes like a belt or draped ornament, or fully exposed with a bathing suit at the beach or in a swimming pool setting. 

Some queens like to adorn their upper midsection and wear their belly beads above the belly button, while others prefer to position their beads just above their hips below the navel. Feel free to own your look as you please and occasionally switch the style up! 

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